Our Terms and Conditions

  • Strictly no blades ot screw-in studded boots
  • Children must be supervised at all times
  • Shinpads should be worn by ALL players including Children.
  • Suitable clothing for football / sport should be worn
  • The net surrounding the pitch is for ball retention only and not for participants to lean on or be pushed into
  • It is strongly recommended that people who wear spectacles should use appropriate glasses for sport
  • No food or drink is to be taken on the pitches
  • No smoking is allowed on the premises
  • Participants who suffer from any medical conditions should consult their gp prior to play
  • All first aid incidents must be reported to a member of staff
  • Only the pitch and times booked may be used, no person is allowed to play on unused pitches
  • The group organiser is responsible for all safety checks and proper use of the same
  • Should we need to cancel your booking we will contact the organiser with as much notice as possible
  • Rubbish should be placed in the bins provided
  • Participants are strongly advised to take out personal injury insurance as taking part in sport implies acceptance of some risk of injury
  • Spectators are not permitted onto the pitches and must be made aware of the possibility of balls hitting the netting
  • Please ensure any jewellery / piercing is removed or taped up
  • Please notify a member of staff in the event of an emergency
  • The fire assembly point is the car park


  • No persistant foul or abusive language
  • No aggressive behaviour towards others
  • Racial abuse will not be tolerated
  • The referees decision is always final
  • Inside Football accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to personal property whilst on the premises or using our car park
  • Inside Football accepts no responsibility for any items of property lost or stolen

The team at Inside Football hope you enjoy your game and thanks you for your custom.


The management reserve the right to charge a minimum of 50% of the total booking fee in the event of a cancelled booking. Failure to honour a booking OR a booking cancelled less than 48 hours prior to the event will be charged at FULL PRICE.

Please note: All deposits are non-refundable unless deemed to be exceptional circumstances.




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